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How To Calm Nerves Before A Driving Test

How To Calm Nerves Before A Driving Test

How to calm nerves before a driving test? That’s a common question that we get from learner drivers. Thinking of ways of passing your driving test can be daunting. You must do a lot of research, review, and practise, plus you also have to spend money. However, all of that could just be wasted if you don’t calm down and stay focused during the actual test.

In the UK, approximately 6,000 people are taking the driving test, hoping to finally get the chance to drive on their own. Unfortunately, only 60% of the candidates can pass the test.

You are susceptible to failing your driving test even if you prepare thoroughly if you can’t calm yourself during your test. But you also must know that it’s normal to feel nervous; after all, a driving test should be taken seriously.

Fortunately, there are many ways to combat driving test nerves. Better your chances in passing your test by learning how to calm down with these tips:

1. Get Ready

The best way to calm yourself during your theory and practical test is by getting ready for it. Thorough preparation will not guarantee a passing score, but if you’re prepared, you’ll be confident to take the test. Knowing what to expect will lessen the chances of getting surprised. You should enroll in a driving lesson and take mock theory tests. Animated driving course tests are also a great way to practise.

2. Book Your Driving Test Early

Once you’ve prepared for your driving test, check your schedule and book as soon as possible. There’s a chance you’ll be preoccupied and lose everything you’ve learned from your review and driving lessons. It’s better to put your knowledge to the test while the information is still fresh. (If it’s already too late and you have not booked early enough, you can get cancellations here)

3. Don’t Tell

As much as possible, it’s better if you don’t tell everyone about your upcoming driving test. You wouldn’t want to feel the pressure of having to pass the test because people you know are expecting you to do so. You can tell them after when you passed your test!

4. Practise Your Driving Test Routes

It’s a huge advantage knowing the routes you are most likely to take on your driving test; knowing the most difficult sections should dramatically increase your confidence and success rates. Download them to a phone or Sat Nav here.

5. Sleep Early

Sleep early before your test may sound cliché but it’s definitely the most effective cliché of all when taking a test. You need to have enough sleep because a good night’s sleep can help strengthen your memory. Remember that knowledge is power. When you have enough knowledge in what you’re about to do, you’ll be more confident, giving you better chances of passing.

6. Clear Your Schedule

Clear your schedule for your test date. By this time, you’ve done your preparation and you’re all set to take the test. You shouldn’t have any last-minute tasks to take care of because that will definitely not help you calm your nerves.

7. Eat Well

On the day of your test, you might feel anxious and have no appetite but remember that you must fuel your brain to help you concentrate. Plus, you wouldn’t want your tummy growling during your driving test, right?

8. Avoid Caffeine

You should eat before your test, but avoid caffeinated drinks at all costs. Caffeine will help you keep alert and awake, but it can also make you feel agitated and nervous and that’s the last thing you need during your driving test. Instead, drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Another option is to drink calming drinks like chamomile tea.

9. Pretend It’s A Mock Test

Naturally, you need to put your best foot forward for your test, but taking pressure off will definitely help you become more focused. How do you calm your nerves during your driving test? Think of it as just a mock test instead. This way, you won’t be bothered by the examiner accompanying you. Remember when you were a kid and how playing pretend is always fun? You can apply it here.

10. Be On Time

When we say be on time, we mean arrive around 20 minutes early. You wouldn’t want to be at the testing centre rushing, but you also wouldn’t want to be too early because the waiting game will make you feel anxious and probably nervous.

11. Go To The Lavatory

You need to avoid any distractions coming your way during your driving test, which includes having to go to the lavatory.

12. Follow The Instant Relaxation Technique

Take a deep breath. Tense every muscle in your body for about 5-10 seconds. Release every muscle as you slowly exhale. Do this once before your actual test, but repeat it if you feel the need to do so.

Dealing with your nerves will help you make better decisions, which will be beneficial when you take your driving test. Please read the tips carefully and apply them to better your chances in passing your test.

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