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One of the best learner driver tips in 2019 is to pass your practical driving test is to get familiar with your local driving test routes, drive them as often as possible during your lessons with your instructor and when practising with friends or family before taking the test.

It can be nerve-wracking driving in an area that you’re unfamiliar with and not knowing what to expect around the next turn, especially during your practical driving test, so make sure that you’ve done everything possible to get ready.



Imagine knowing what lane to use, what exit to take and even what gear to use… Preparation and knowledge of what areas and different types of roads, junctions and roundabouts you may be up against during your practical driving test can significantly increase your chances of achieving first time pass in the fewest number of lessons possible. So, before you head out to take that all important driving test, be sure to get as much practice as you can in as many situations as you can. The more time you spend behind the wheel practising, the more experience you get and the less likelihood there is of a situation happening that you haven’t had to deal with before.driving-test-routes

Many practical driving tests are failed on roads and routes directly leading in and out of the test centre, often at the very start of the test. This is when people are at their most nervous and are the most likely to make mistakes. If you familiarise yourself with the roads in and around your chosen test centre as best as you can (their twists and turns and different challenges), you will not have to face them for the first time on the big day. This should help take the pressure off during your test. Armed with this knowledge and experience, you will be much calmer and less likely to lose your focus and cool if you encounter any traffic issues, very busy multi-lane roundabouts, complicated junctions etc.

driving-test-routesWhether you’re a learner driver wanting to get familiar with the routes for your forthcoming driving test or if you’re an experienced driver wanting to learn the routes for your ADI, motorcycle, taxi or even LGV test, NDP Driving Test Routes will help you save time and money.

Confidence comes from experience. Download your local Driving Test Routes to your Sat Nav or mobile device today and practise until you know them like the back of your hand. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that you are prepared for your practical driving test as you possibly can.


You can download your local Driving Test Routes to any of the following compatible devices:

Driving test Routes
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The normal price is £19.49 but we do run special offers so, please check on the day of purchase.


Available Driving Test Centres:

Exeter MPTC
Guildford L + LGV
Kirkcaldy MPTC
Speke (Liverpool)

*Driving test routes should only be used once you as a driver are safe on the road and ready to take your driving test. They will increase the chance of passing and should not be used on their own. If you only use these routes you may pass your driving test but not be safe on the road. These routes were provided by the DVSA and are being updated often. Some driving Instructors will not teach with Driving Test Routes as they want to teach you how to drive not to pass your driving test. Mock Driving tests should be conducted with a PDI or ADI.

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